Rubber Conveyor Belts


Salsons Conveyor Belting is successfully used in every industry where bulk material handling is required. It is stronger, lighter and gives better performance, thereby reducing cost-per-tonne conveyed. Incorporating two to six all synthetic plies, Salsons Conveyor Belting has an integrated construction to carry bulk material in larger quantities over distance at high speeds.

Advantages of Salsons Conveyor Belts:

The high tendency and better strength / weight ratio of synthetic yarns, as compared to cotton yarns, led to development of all synthetic fabrics resulting in Belting with better flex / fatigue resistance, much improved impact resistance, unsurpassed longitudinal and transverse flexibility and other flowing advantages.

1. Higher Adhesion Levels
All synthetic fabric reinforced Belts have adhesion levels more than double of that cotton reinforced Conveyor Belt, resulting no Ply separation even with high contact, making Belt travel possible on very small pulley diameters, complete elimination of cover stripping, improved edge wear characteristics, redundancy of breaker construction both on face and edge.

2. Less Number of Plies For Same Strength
The extremely high breaking strength of the synthetic fabric gives stronger individual plies, making it possible to meet a given individual strength requirement with lesser number of plies as compared to Cotton Conveyor Belt. A reduction in Belt thickness enables Belt use on much smaller pulley diameters. Longer Roll Length can be supplied due to reduction in Belt thickness with reduces with reduces the number of Joints on long drive.

3. Reduced Belt Weight
All Synthetic fabric-reinforced Conveyor Belt have reduced Belt weight as compared to its equivalent all cotton or cotton/nylon construction. It can be easily handled during the installation due to reduced weight and also improve the idler performance and life by reduction of load on then. Lesser power is required to operate the Belt due to its lightweight.

4. Higher Impact Resistance
The Superior consolidation of the Belt, high adhesion levels and also intrinsic properties of all synthetic plies result in the Belt having more resistance than conventional Belting. This renders the use of breaker construction in Belting superfluous of:

  • Significantly higher adhesion level between cover and carcass, which can only be achieved with a breaker for conventional cotton/nylon carcass.
  • Thicker covers available for wear/abrasion.
  • Inherently higher carcass flexibility.

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