Rubber Hoses

Salsons introduces Polyester Reinforced Codan (PRC) Industrial Hoses, which provide the following customer benefits.

  • Higher Bursting Pressure
  • Uniform Volumetric Flow of Fluid and Gas
  • More Rubber hence Longer Life
  • Higher Flexibility and Superior Performance

We have a team of highly qualified and trained technical experts along with R&D Laboratory which is fully equipped with Rheometer, Mooney Viscometer, Infra Red Spectrophotometer, Gas Chromatograph and other sophisticated testing equipments which enable continuous product development and supports the Quality Control Systems of the Organization. We cooperate closely with our valuable Customers around the World to be at the forefront of technical developments relating to standards and materials.

Type Application
Rock Drill Hose Rock Drill Hoses are intended for the most severe service conditions found in Mining Industry, quarries, Bore Drilling, Compressed Air Tools, General Construction & Civil Engineering Works, Shipyards, Workshops, Foundries & Steel Mills.
Pneumatic Tool Hose. Pneumatic Tool manufacturers, Industrial Users, Metallurgical Works, Civil Engineering & Construction Road Building, Tunnelling etc.
Welding Hose Welding Workshops, welding Equipment Makers, Chasis Construction, Bridge & Steel Construction, Shipyard and all types of welding & cutting applications. Blue welding Hose is used for oxygen and Red Welding hose is used for Acetylene Gases.
Twin Welding Hose Twin Welding hoses are also in our manufacturing range and may be supplied against specific orders.
Super Spray Hose Spraying of Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides and other water based chemicals in plantations, forestry and other agricultural and horticultural applications.
Heavy Duty Air/Water Hose General Construction work, shipyards, workshops, irrigation projects and wide range of industrial and agricultural applications involving water & air transportations.
Chemical Hose Chemical industries, plastic & pharmaceutical industries, bulk drug manufacturers and fertilizer plants. Not resistant to concentrated sulphuric acid, mono chloro benzene & chloroform. High resistance to dilute hydro-chloric acid, isobutanol, Zinc chloride, butyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, caustic soda, lime solution etc.
Steam Hose For all applications involving supply of saturated steam up to a working pressure of 5.1 Kg/cm2.Used for heating of tanks & pipes in industrial applications, heating of press plattens, Steam Pumps etc.
Paint Spray Hose For conveying paint, lacquer, thinners like ethyl alcohol, butyl alcohol, coal tar, naphtha, petroleum spirit etc. It is not recommended for paints with xylene, ethyl acetate, cello solve, amyl acetate, MEK, MIBK, butyl acetate and acetone.
Petrol Hose In dispensing pumps for petrol and diesel fuels at petrol pump/service stations.
Car Washing Hose Spraying, Filling, Flushing, Draining Cleaning, Transporting, Pressurized & cooling water etc. in garages, service stations and workshops.

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